Domaine de l'Oiseau: Charming bed and breakfast in Gergy

An idyllic spot in the heart of Burgundy

Top-quality service at Domaine de l'Oiseau

The barn

A relaxing atmosphere in a unique location

Domaine de l'Oiseau - Charming bed and breakfast - GergyThis former barn has been meticulously restored according to the methods of the time, and with the appropriate materials, thanks to the know-how of acclaimed master craftsmen.

The lounge/library is available for you to unwind in, in a relaxed other-worldly atmosphere.

The 18th-century book collection  is available for you to browse at your leisure.


Domaine de l'Oiseau - Charming bed and breakfast - GergyAn awning that opens onto one of the gardens creates a link with the outdoors in early spring or late summer.

The wine-tasting room, adjacent to the lounge, contains a distinctive range of vintages from various estates hand-picked for you by the owner.

In this way you're guaranteed the best value for money, as well as the careful monitoring of signature wines, vintage after vintage.



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